Glass – A Unique Material That Can Be Used in the Home in Many Ways


While we all have glass in our windows and doors, this versatile material can be used in the modern home in so many ways. Glass has many unique properties that really do make it a special material as far as building goes, and with that in mind, here are just some examples of how glass can adorn a modern dwelling.

  • Glass balustrades – Glass is perfect for balustrades, as it is strong, transparent and can be tailored to fit, with frame and frameless solutions. Of course, you would use toughened safety glass and by talking to an established local glazier, you can receive a quote for your project. This is not limited to staircases, window balconies are also suitable for glass partitioning and with custom solutions, every space can be included.
  • Pool fencing – There’s nothing better than glass pool fencing to prevent kids from entering the area; glass is easy to keep clean, is maintenance-free and you can see what is going on inside the pool enclosure. Fortunately, there are specialist glaziers that focus solely on glass pool fencing and they can be found with a Google search. The seamless look is very attractive and with a made-to-measure gate, your pool will pass the safety inspection. 
  • Glass tabletops – Again, talk to an established local glazier and he can show you some spectacular tabletops with bevelled edges and a choice of finishes.
  • Kitchen splashbacks – Coloured glass makes for an ideal splashback; next time you plan a kitchen renovation, don’t forget the splashbacks to complement the worktops; a tiler can affix these slim pieces of glass in no time, using state-of-the-art adhesive.
  • Shower screens – Patterned and coloured glass make for the perfect shower screen; search the web for glass shower screens and transform your bathroom. There are framed and frameless designs and the panels can be cut to precise dimensions, should you have a larger-than-normal shower space.
  • Patio fencing – Glass is the perfect material to fence off your terrace; it is transparent and does not impact the view. It does not tarnish or require any maintenance. The same company that does pool fencing can design and erect the perfect safety barrier around your terrace. There are some creative finishes with glass, so you can create something special.
  • Interior partition – There’s no reason why you can’t have glass panels fitted as an internal partition; ask a local glazier to show you their catalogue of premier glass panels that can be cut and shaped.

Glass continues to be developed and you can expect to see this unique material in the 21st century home here in Australia. The fact is, there are no downsides to using glass as a building material and you can incorporate glass into your new build, bringing light into your living space.



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